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chen jianguang leads a team to inspect jd partner building project undertaken construction by shanghai baoye
source:mcc party-masses work department, shanghai baoye group co., ltd. author:publicity sector, shanghai baoye release time:2023-09-21

  on the morning of september 21, chen jianguang, deputy general manager and member of the party leadership group of china minmetals, secretary of the party committee of mcc, and chairman of mcc and china mcc led a team to inspect the jd partner building project undertaken construction by shanghai baoye to gain a detailed understanding of the construction progress, safety production, engineering quality, project performance, and personnel management of the project. he held an on-site research symposium to listen to a special report on project construction and put forward four requirements for future work.

  first, explore new project management models, while exploring, summarizing, and improving. the project attempts to implement the "project shareholding system" and "process subcontracting" models, which are worth exploring. however, it is necessary to draw on advantages and avoid disadvantages, calculate to a nicety, fully consider the division of responsibilities and rights among all parties, and continuously optimize, innovate, and improve the project management model.

  second, improve the ideological awareness and prioritize safety production. we should effectively enhance the awareness of safety production responsibility, and strictly implement the safety management system, with a focus on safety risks such as deep foundation pits, high support formwork, and high-altitude operations; effectively carry out comprehensive safety hazard investigation and rectification for the next stage of steel structure operations and take multiple measures to promote the orderly implementation of project safety production work.

  thirdly, implement the real-name management of labor services to protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. we should fully utilize the "real-name management platform for construction workers" and continuously optimize management measures, achieving 100% full coverage of the real-name system for labor services; carry out various labor management tasks with a rigorous and meticulous attitude, effectively fulfill relevant responsibilities, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

  fourth, strengthen the construction of clean and honest governance at the grassroots level and adhere to tackling formalities, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance and cultivating new trends. we should steadfastly implement the central party leadership’s eight-point decision, fully leverage the binding role of rules and regulations, and comprehensively improve conduct of the party at grassroots level; firmly shoulder the political responsibility of full and rigorous self-governance, effectively enhance the awareness of discipline and integrity among grassroots employees, and vigorously create a good atmosphere of clean conduct and immersing themselves in hard work.

  personnel of relevant functional departments of mcc headquarters and shanghai baoye beijing branch accompanied the inspection.

scene of the research symposium

chen jianguang leads a team to inspect the site

chen jianguang listens to the project introduction

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