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success of mcc's 2023 project manager training course
source:engineering project management department of mcc tiangong author: release time:2023-11-08

the 2023 project manager training course of mcc successfully completed all the training contents and held the closing ceremony on november 4. bai xiaohu, member of the standing committee of the mcc and cmcc party committee and vice president of cmcc, attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech.

  he congratulated all trainees on their success, and fully affirmed the work of the training course. he pointed out that this training has the largest number of participants ever, more comprehensive management level, novel and more practical courses, and put forward three requirements combined with the current production fulfillment work: first, we should improve the basic management level of production fulfillment by application of knowledge; second, we should keep improving the overall ability of project management personnel; and third, we should make every effort to ensure the success of the annual targets.

  at the closing ceremony, gao wenhua, secretary of the mcc tiangong, announced the top 5 groups in terms of thesis defense scores; and zhang yuxia, director of the organization department (human resources department) of the party committee of the mcc, announced the top 10 project manager trainees in terms of comprehensive scores. 4 representatives of trainee made exchange speeches. lei qing, director of engineering project management department of mcc, presided over the ceremony.

  participating leaders watched a short documentary on the training course together with trainees, and issued completion certificates for 158 trainees.

scene of the closing ceremony

scene of issuing completion certificate

group photo

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